Westwood Custom Bowstrings

where quality meets precision


We provide custom strings made with industry leading material by Bloodline Fiber, at a competitive price with a 1 year guarantee. 

Made from a wax less material to provide limited maintenance

Pre-cycled and pre-stretched to provide quality and great performance

Custom arrows to fit your setup for the best precision

There is no string movement or peep twist in our strings

Custom wraps and fletching to match your setup

We only build quality sets to optimize your performance

About Us

Based in Idaho, our business was established in 2018 and prides itself on providing satisfactory strings at a competitive price. Westwood Archery provides exceptional strings for every demographic of archery between competitive shooting or hunting.

What started as a passion for the outdoors and the bowhunting experience, quickly involved into a passion for providing quality strings to make your archery experience better. Westwood archery received its name from a small North Idaho town which was originally named “Westwood” after Charles Wesley Wood (who was a local pony express rider, rancher and land developer), which was renamed to what is known as Rathdrum, Idaho. We are family owned and have strong roots to the area being a 4th generation North Idahoan and wanted a name that would represent our beloved community well. We have been blessed to provide exceptional strings by the grace of God.

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”

- Edward Abbey


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We don’t claim to be the best but we claim to provide exceptional quality strings

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